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A LOT of Weight

As I walk into the room, you might want to avert your eyes. It's painful to watch, I imagine.

I've gained a lot of weight. A lot. Let's not quibble about numbers and what a lot means, okay? My weight is the bane of my existence. It is completely reflective of where I am in the moments of my life and that irritates me. I should just invent forehead banners for people: TOO MUCH STRESS or CHOSE FAMILY-CARE OVER SELF-CARE or NOT SURE HOW TO DEAL WITH FAMILY ISSUES.

I eat to make myself feel good but clearly I've overdone it. My stomach is resting on the tops of my thighs when I sit. It is not attractive and it feels terrible. My body is stressed from it as well. My creaking joints and achy muscles must carry around A LOT (no numbers please) of weight these days and I've got a lot to do.

I used to watch people who were really overweight and think, at what point is enough enough? I think I'm there. This is going to be my summer. My summer to learn how to be moderate. To jog two miles three times a day instead of setting race goals that scare me and stop me from doing any exercise. To eat healthy, well-balanced meals with an occasional oatmeal raisin cookie without thinking I don't deserve anything after gorging for a year. To treat me as I would my darling children whom I would never ridicule for eating their way through a year. I would suggest healthy eating, regular exercise, and a journal for getting it out instead of eating through it.

Happy Healthy Summer.


  1. I am in this same boat. It was a very difficult year, and I made the decision to stop eating out, stop having wine or margaritas, stop over eating, and go for nutrient rich foods instead. The weight has to go. So, yesterday was day 1 of vacation and day 1 of new eating. I drank my hot lemon water followed by my green juice. PT for my sciatica issue that won't go away followed by a big green salad. Tea, water and a killer headache followed. Either pollen or detox causing the headache, which I still have...but I am determined regardless. I am going to modify my plan of 3 days of juice only and supplement with juice, a gentler way to do the same thing. Best wishes and Bon courage as you take on the challenge. maribeth batcho

  2. I feel your pain, friend. I just bought a book on Audible called "What Are You Hungry For?" by Deepak Chopra. Looking forward to listening to it to help me figure out my nutritional and emotional triggers.

  3. Right there with you. Thinking I might join Weight Watchers this week. It has worked for me before and I need the accountability!

    1. Weight Watchers online has been working for me. They have a great philosophy that is very comprehensive and a new emphasis on "Beyond the scale". The Connect online community is very supportive. WW even calls weight loss tracking a journey. Many women are emotional eaters. I think WW has honed in on what is essential for more permanent weight loss and exercise goals to be achieved. One step at a time. I am part of the "turtle" club small steps in the healthier direction. Good things can unfold slowly over time. Best to you on your journey!

  4. "To treat me as I would my darling children whom I would never ridicule for eating their way through a year." That is what you must remember most. This is your summer!

  5. May you continue to treat yourself as your darling children. I too have been disagreeing with my pant size as of recently. Here's to the summer to reset! (It's my favorite time to try healthy foods to see if they will actually work during the school year.)

  6. I am right there with you. Eating is my stress management technique. It is so easy to add weight but so hard to take it off. I wish you a successful summer.

  7. Yep, went for a walk again this morning--two days in a row! My tipping point is when I weigh more than my husband. Taking a hard look AGAIN at self-care as a priority.

  8. Summer is the best time to get healthy again - all those fresh veggies and fruits and time to walk or swim. This is what I am telling myself, at any rate :)

  9. I, too, love that you will treat yourself as you do your children, with loving care. You can take care of your body without abusing or punishing it. Easy gradual decisions and changes and you'll be back to the size you want to be. I tried Paleo last year and was able to lose 10 pounds in 3 months. No carbs is tough, and can cause some low feelings, so I didn't stick with it.

  10. You can do it!! We've all been there at one point, and with your attitude, you'll make a positive change! :)

  11. Treat yourself kindly, make healthy changes...I am there, too.

  12. I am there with you as well. Every night I tell myself that tomorrow I will start to take better care of myself and then the nest day, I don't. We can do this!

  13. That first paragraph, especially the line about too much stress and choosing family care over self care describes me exactly. It will get better im certain.


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